Solar Power San Diego Services



Solar Power San Diego Team is able to assist clients in the consultation of design and development stage of Municipality, Government, Commercial, Business and Non Profit large-scale and mid size solar projects. We also work with residential customers in the same capacity.

Our solar consultants have an in-depth understanding of current solar technologies and are able to review and comment on the proposals including design, shading, modules, racking and inverters. When reviewing projects, we provide an in depth analysis of:

1. Write your Request For Proposal for your PV Project. 

2. Technical analysis

3. Cost analysis- specific demand analysis and possible rate change

4. Quality of all components

5. Track record of proposed equipment

6. Installer/product warranties 

Contract negotiations

Contract negotiations form a large part of our services and we are skilled in specifying owner’s specific needs. Our experience in negotiating with contractors provides owners with a specific design and contracts with detailed schedules that come out on time and on budget.

SolarPowerSanDiego uses our team to work closely with the your preferred installer , supporting clients in providing planning,advice and all the details you will need to move forward quickly and confidently. 


Q. How Long will it take?

A. 7-14 Days Residential, 30-90 days Commercial and others

Q. How do I get the information?

A. Via email and in person

Q.Who will I meet with?

A. Seasoned professional with  at least 10 years of Solar Power Experience

Q. Where will we meet?

A. At your location

Q. How Do I start the process? 

A. Click here or on the link above "Contact Us"