St James Academy- Solana Beach

Sean was extremely helpful in bringing the education, isolar system and industry experience and professionalism to our project. He took the time to consult with us about options, system sizing and industry trends. He went well above the standard expectations and even attended several of our board meetings to ensure the project was understood by all stakeholders. Thank-you for your help regarding our renewable energy project. 

-Michael Cornell

American Renewable Capital- James Coombes

I work with solar developers and contractors across California and the US, providing financing for projects that they develop. I have worked with Sean on a number of solar projects. Sean is highly experienced and well versed, on the technical, analytical and financing aspects of commercial solar energy. Solar energy project develop requires a diverse set of skills - which include the ability to assess and develop complex technical solutions, and communicate those solutions effectively to non-technical customers. It requires the diplomatic skills to navigate through layers of decision making, outlining technical and financing details to customers.

I value the opportunity to work with project developers like Sean who bring this all together to close challenging projects. I like doing what I do because I like seeing our capital investment put people to work and grow the businesses of solar contractors. Working with Sean enables me to grow my business and do my job so much more effectively. 

- James Coombes

San Diego Academy- National City

Sean is a very detail, patience professional who has a strong understanding of the efficient use and installing of Solar Power Systems and has strong abilities to build positive relationships and thus good communication in the process of sales, implementation and completion of such projects. I have been very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him for your upcoming solar projects.

Winston Morgan- Principal of San Diego Academy

CEO of Skywalker Solar

Sean and I met as members of SDRES's board, but I recently had the pleasure of working with Sean on a large PV project for an Academy in National City. There were a few close bids, but Sean's professionalism and experience made going with his company a clear choice for the client. 

Equifax Partner- John Siegman

Sean is a great Solar Developer and Designer. In 2007 when we were looking at adding a solar electric system we choose our contractor primarily because Sean was our Project Manager. Sean guided us through the process every step of the way and the project was delivered on-time and under budget. It's been producing power ever since. 

-John Siegman

CEO-Energy Tool Base

Working with Sean was always a pleasure for me. He brings something to the table that is very difficult to find with business developers, Consistency. He has a proven ability to close deals using structured financing which is paramount in the commercial solar industry. He also has a strong grasp on the technical aspects surrounding solar projects making him great to work with in any division. I worked with Sean for about 5 years and hope to work with him again in the future. 

-John Gurski